Financial Planning for All

Our holistic financial planning program gives you a process and a framework to help make smarter money decisions. Our program was created to help young professionals and families who want a personalized plan that helps them gain clarity about where they currently are, gives them direction for reaching their goals, and helps them to be confident on their journey to financial solid ground.

With regular check-ins to make sure you’re on track and unlimited support, we’re your collaborative partner in this journey.

Working with us looks like:


Introductory Meeting

This allows us to get to know you and what matters most to you.



We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your financial life and what matters most to you and aligning our actions steps around those things.


We will show you how to access and use your personal finance portal to view a snapshot of your finances and your current financial plan.

After planning your first steps, we will start to fill in the rest of your financial picture.

We will talk about each piece of your financial plan throughout the year at our quarterly meetings. In between meetings, you can expect us to proactively reach out to you with reminders and check-ins and help you with any financial questions that come your way.

We charge a flat rate for our financial planning services.

It isn’t based on income, net worth, or complexity and it’s the same for everyone.

$400 upfront

(Paid before Discovery)

This covers the initial two meetings and your setup on our personal financial portal.

$100 per month

(Paid before Discovery)

This starts after month two and continues for the length of our financial planning relationship.

Investment Management

Investing plays a vital part in creating long-term wealth, but investments are simply a tool used to reach your goals. The most crucial factor in determining long-term investment success is your own behavior and your ability to stick to the plan through the ups and downs of the market. We’ll make sure that your investments match the goals you’ve created as a part of your personalized financial plan.

For our investment management services, we charge based on the amount of assets you have invested with us. Our fee starts at 1.0% and we do not have a minimum account size.

Because investments are just one part of your journey to financial solid ground, we do not manage investments for clients who are not financial planning clients.